Potamiá, GR 20 C

“Ipsarion” mountain in Thassos


Ipsarion is the highest peak on Thassos (1204m) on the same name mountain.

In order to walk to the top of the mountain the best place to start from is Potamia. It will take you about 3 hours walking at a normal pace to reach the top. The way is clearly marked, paths are narrow and steep so you should be very careful.

The important thing is to start early in the morning because as soon as the sun shines brighter, the view from Ipsarion is not that clear. Another reason why you should go from the Potamia side is that the nature is more picturesque.

If you are not a fan of walking but you would like to see Ipsarion, another option is to go from the Maries village. It is 11km away from the top of the Ipsarion mountain.

The road is suitable for jeep, but if you are enthusiastic enough you can handle a few critical spots with your own car, the locals say. At one point above Maries, the road connects the road from Theologos. It means that another way to Ipsarion is from Theologos, but that road is even worse than the one from Maries and is about 15 kilometers long. If you start from Maries with your car, you can get as far as 100 meters from the top of Ipsarion

Source: nikana.gr